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Smart TITAN WiFi-Enabled Electric Radiator - Wall-Mounted with App Control

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Introducing the TITAN WiFi-Controlled Electric Radiator

Step into the future of home heating with the TITAN Electric Wall Hung Radiator, designed for efficiency, comfort, and control. This state-of-the-art radiator combines the traditional warmth of oil heating with advanced technology, allowing for seamless integration into your smart home ecosystem. Enjoy the perfect balance of comfort and convenience, all while managing your heating needs with ease.

Key Features:
  • Wireless Tuya App Control: Harness the power of smart technology with the TUYA app, enabling you to adjust your heating from anywhere, at any time.
  • Manual Controls: For those times when you're at home and want to make quick adjustments, convenient manual controls are located on the top of the unit.
  • Open Window Detection: The intelligent open window function automatically reduces heating when it detects an open window, saving energy and reducing costs.
  • Oil-Filled Efficiency: Experience consistent and comfortable heat distribution thanks to the oil-filled design, ideal for maintaining the perfect temperature during colder months.
  • Customizable Heating Programs: With a 24-hour timer and a weekly programming feature, tailor your heating schedule to fit your lifestyle, ensuring warmth when you need it most.
  • Versatile Operating Modes: Choose from 4 distinct operating modes to match your comfort level and energy-saving goals.
  • Optional Wheel Set: Enhance the flexibility of your heating solution with an available wheel set accessory, making it easy to move the unit as needed.
  • Robust Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 10-year warranty on the aluminium body and a 2-year warranty on the electrical components.


  • Unmatched Convenience: Adjust your home's heating from anywhere, ensuring you always return to a warm, welcoming space.
  • Energy Savings: Smart features like the open window detection and customizable programs help significantly reduce energy usage and lower bills.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrate this smart radiator into your existing smart home setup for a cohesive and efficient household.
  • Durable and Reliable: Built to last, the TITAN radiator offers an extended warranty, ensuring years of comfortable and reliable heating.
  • Flexible Installation: Whether mounted on the wall for a permanent heating solution or used with wheels for mobility, enjoy flexibility in how and where you use your radiator.

Discover the Perfect Model for Your Space:

Transform your home's warmth and comfort with our TITAN Smart Electric Radiator series. Each model is designed with precision and care, offering unique features to fit various room sizes and heating requirements.

1. TITAN H600WF Smart Electric Radiator

  • Power/Size: 600W, ideal for areas up to 8 Sq M. Dimensions: L 480mm x H 585mm x W 80mm. Weight: 7.7KG.

2. TITAN H900WF Smart Electric Radiator

  • Power/Size: 900W, covers up to 12 Sq M. Dimensions: L 560mm x H 585mm x W 80mm. Weight: 9KG.

3. TITAN H1500WF Smart Electric Radiator

  • Power/Size: 1500W, efficient for spaces up to 18 Sq M. Dimensions: L 800mm x H 585mm x W 80mm. Weight: 13KG.

4. TITAN H1800WF Smart Electric Radiator

  • Power/Size: 1800W, capable of warming areas up to 22 Sq M. Dimensions: L 880mm x H 585mm x W 80mm. Weight: 14.7KG.

Elevate your home heating with the TITAN Electric Wall Hung Radiator.

Offering smart control, energy efficiency, and customizable comfort, it's the ideal solution for those seeking a modern approach to staying warm. Revolutionize the way you heat your home with TITAN and enjoy a cozier, smarter, and more efficient living space.

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Smart TITAN WiFi-Enabled Electric Radiator - Wall-Mounted with App Control
Smart TITAN WiFi-Enabled Electric Radiator - Wall-Mounted with App Control

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