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Wi-Fi Enabled Time Switches - Live Smarter

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Wi-Fi Enabled Time Switches - Live Smarter

Would you like to have a smarter home?  By strategically placing time switches that are enabled with Wi-Fi in your home, you could transform your house into a smart home. You will then be able to control your home at the tap of a finger via an app on your smartphone.

Control Your Home 

You could have command over practically every aspect of your property, including lights, the electric gates, the central heating system, and even the lights that are strung up on your Christmas tree. All of this is made possible by utilising these Wi-Fi time switches, which makes it possible for it to become a reality.

You can have the capacity to turn the power on and off whenever it is essential to do so in order to reduce the amount of money that you spend on electricity. This will allow you to spend less money on electricity by controlling the use of electricity when in the home or away.

You may program them to turn on automatically when you get home from work, or you can program them to turn on in the small hours of the morning so that they are already on when you have to get up for work. Either way, you have the option and they are perfect for ensuring the safety of your home while you are away.

Saving Energy 

After a tiring day at the office, you should be able to walk into a warm and cosy home by the time you get there. You can adjust your times on the heating system remotely to suit your day. 

It is a gratifying experience to have control and considering that it is your home, there is no logical reason why you shouldn't have more control over each and every aspect of it. Specifically, when it reduces the amount of wasted energy, which in turn reduces the amount of money that is spent on those monthly energy bills.

You could install Wi-Fi time switches that operate with your Alexa as a little something extra. This would allow you to control your home with the sound of your voice from a completely different room or through the Alexa app. When you take charge of your own home, you open yourself up to an infinite number of possibilities.  Welcome to the world of smart homes and you can start by checking out our range of wi-fi enabled time switches.

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