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Why You Should Choose a Smart Electric Radiator!

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In the whole of Ireland, you won’t find a smart electric radiator to beat our own. Ours are the most efficient and capable by far and will serve you well. Featuring wi-fi control, one-button usability, and extra-large screens, our smart radiator systems are the perfect way to replace old or out-dated storage or panel heaters. Let’s look at the features we offer and see why one of these devices could be the perfect fit for you.

Usability and Features

Our smart electric radiators come with easy to see and easy to use back-lit displays. The extra-large green back-lit screen indicates that no power is presently being used, while the back-lit red screen indicates how much power is currently being consumed. 

Our smart radiators are easy for anyone to learn and control; a single push of a button provides power, controls heat output, and can dictate an array of features and tasks. Designed with the consumer in mind, these machines are incredibly simple, beautiful, and user-friendly. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more streamlined and pleasant-to-use product on the market.

These systems are also built with the entire family and your home safety in mind, and feature child lock controls, and sensors which indicate if a window or door has been opened. This adds to a family safety and security and can alert you to any abnormalities or possible dangers at home. 

Specs and Abilities

Our smart electric radiators are built with a Kaolin / Ceramic heating element, and can heat rooms sized 6/8 meters square, all the way up to 18/24 meters square. Conductive die-cast aluminium panels will hold up for years, and radiate heat efficiently into your home. 

Wi-fi controls are built-in, making changing room temperature quite easy. These wi-fi components are innate to the system and require no additional set-up from the purchaser. Our smart electric radiators are also energy efficient, saving you money, and saving local energy stores, as well. They also come with room sensors, helping the system to know when to turn on and off to keep a room or area at an ideal temperature. 

The uses of these smart radiators are many; use them to replace old or outdated heating units or use them in the construction and heating of a new building. They’re NZEB compliant, so if you’re building your dream-home these smart electric radiators can give your home a convenient, modern edge, and make home heating far more streamlined, and worry-free. 

Best of all, these unites are built to last, giving you years of comfort, enjoyment, and the peace of mind that you have the latest and best-made heating system available to you for years to come. 

Find out more from our team 

With an array of features, ease of use, and all the latest and best-integrated software and hardware available, our smart electric radiators are a clear choice for anyone seeking to upgrade their home or business. They’re simple to operate, work well on their own, and can same you quite a bit in energy costs, as well. Consider making our smart electric radiators a part of your family’s life; you’ll be glad that you did.

Contact our expert team for more information or click to view our smart electric radiators.