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Why You Should Choose a Bathroom LED Mirror!

  • person John Phelan
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LED Bathroom Mirror

With all the options available for your bathroom, which are the most important? Clearly, we need the basics, like a shower or a bath, but what about the mirror? Have you ever considered how important the bathroom mirror is for dressing, getting ready in the morning, or checking yourself before you leave the house? Why not invest in a new LED mirror for your bathroom, that will be beautiful, stylish, and functional, too?


One of the nicest items you can get for your bathroom upgrade is an LED mirror. With the added benefits of soft, eco-friendly, and less expensive LED lighting, these units are functional, beautiful, and modern. The infrared on and off sensor helps you maximise energy use, and do away with annoying pull chords, too. 

With a heated demister pad and shaver socket, these mirrors will be clean, mist-free, and ready for your morning routine, with everything easily reachable in a single unit. Combining classic looks and new technology, these mirrors are one step ahead of anything you may have to face in the morning, and look beautiful, too. 


There will be a style of LED bathroom mirror to fit every aesthetic, and every bathroom. We have circular, portrait, landscape, and make-up configurations available to best suit your preferences, and help you look and feel your best. Choose whichever one suits your bathroom or your needs.

All our available styles feature a super convenient and time-saving demister heating feature, leaving your mirror fog-free, clear, and streak-free, too. No visible dark sports will mar your experience, either, and you’ll be able to step out of the shower fresh, ready, and quickly prepared to take on your day. No more hunting for a dry washcloth to wipe away mist, and no more ugly, annoying streaking, either. Save time, effort, and a bit of irritation by choosing these modern options. 

Shelved Units

Our LED bathroom mirrors also come in a combined mirror and cabinet form. With adjustable tempered glass shelves, you’ll find room in your LED mirror’s cabinet unit for all of your morning routine self-care items and will maximise the amount of space available to you in your bathroom. This is especially helpful in small or cramped bathrooms, with limited room. 

Make-up Mirrors

Our LED makeup mirror comes with a variety of convenient and charming features. These units are available in a variety of backlit colour combinations. Simply choose an option, and adjust the backlit colour to meet your needs, or match your mood. These units feature an adjustable swing arm, with a head that can pivot and rotate according to your viewing angle, and preferences. Make sure everything looks great, up close, before heading out the door. The lighting is gentle yet bright, and complimentary, and these units feature a convenient finger on/off switch, for ease of use. 

Get a new mirror today

There you have it, a variety of reasons for your next bathroom upgrade to feature an LED bathroom mirror. They’re useful, stylish, modern, and more convenient than what you may be used it. They’re worth the investment, can save you on energy costs, will look great, too.

Why not check one out today?