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Thinking of Doing it Yourself?

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Thinking of Doing it Yourself?

There’s a difference between DIY and doing it right. The difference? Quality products at trade prices. We simplify your journey to become the new DIY expert in your home with a range of electrical products to suit your everyday needs. With nationwide delivery, your DIY dreams can begin on your doorstep. 

Be a Hero: Change That Lightbulb. 

Why not brighten up your kitchen, bathroom or hallway with an LED Bulkhead Light that offers 3 different temperature options? LED lights are a perfect way to keep you from sitting in the dark as they are longer-lasting and use less energy than regular bulbs.

Need to spice up your light life? Look no further than the LED strip lights. As they are self-adhesive, they can be easily placed almost anywhere; in the bedroom, under cabinets and behind the tv, to name a few. The only challenge you’ll find with these is what colour to pick!

You can also add some light outside your home with our stylish range of anti-rust outdoor lanterns. These can instantly elevate your garden, patio or driveway.

Bathroom Blues?

If your current shower has you fighting between icy and scalding temperatures or refusing to give you the luxurious flow of water you deserve, now’s the time to change. We offer an easy-installation electric shower with a manufacturer’s guarantee so you can start or end your day under the stream of your dreams.

Why not continue the luxury experience by installing one of our LED Bathroom Mirrors? Not only will it beautifully illuminate your bathroom, but with a built-in demister pad, you won't have to worry about a foggy mirror after a shower.

Warm Up to the I-DIY

With everyday costs on the rise, it makes sense to save money by doing some home renovations by yourself. However, to truly see a difference in your bills, switching to energy-efficient appliances such as our smart electric radiators can keep you warm for less. This smart radiator takes mere minutes to warm up and can be conveniently controlled by a remote control. Want to come home to a warm house? No problem. Simply set a schedule and you’ll be offered a warm welcome home.

Without the need for complicated plumbing or ductwork, these radiators can be easily and quickly installed by you. The hardware is provided and the instructions are detailed yet clear so that you can feel confident when installing.

Keep Your Home Secure

Your home should be your safe space. That's why you should consider installing a battery-powered smart doorbell or outdoor camera for that extra peace of mind. Whether you’re at home or away, you can hear and see anyone who comes to your door. Once mounted onto your doorframe (no wires, no hassle), all you need is a WiFi connection and you’ll be notified of any detected visitors from your smartphone. 

While our products are professional, you don’t have to be. As a long-established business, Shamrock Electrical Supplies values every customer by providing a team to offer support with any queries you may have. Let us help you become the best DIY expert by becoming YOUR supplier today.