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How To Choose A Lighted Vanity Mirror In Ireland?

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Vanity Mirror

What Is A Vanity Mirror?

lighted vanity mirror

A vanity mirror is a mirror with led lights used in applying make-up. Whether it's for hours or just a few minutes, you surely spend some time in a mirror. For make-up lovers, it couldn't get better than using a make-up mirror as you go about your make-up routine. A vanity mirror can be installed as a table mirror or on a wall.

The vanity mirror is not only essential for make-up routines but adds a touch of style in aesthetic spaces or home décor. A mirror brings both light and dimension into an interior space with light bulbs and beauty.

Better yet, they have different features, colors, styles, and sizes, all depending on the customer's taste and preference. If you are a music lover, you can check out the variety of mirrors with led lights and jazz it up in a colorful space. For book lovers, could it get any better than cozying up to your favorite read under the subtle and warm light of a mirror? Whether you require a framed mirror with led lights for décor or as a focal point of your space, you can never go wrong with a mirror.

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Why is it called a vanity mirror?

Hollywood Vanity Mirror

According to history, the mirror is associated with vanity tables and dates back to the seventeenth century. Vanity tables are fitted with drawers and a mirror, and a person sits in front of it when dressing or grooming themselves. In the 19th century, vanity tables were known as a dressing table. In the 18th century, they were known as toilet tables. In the 1750s, mirrors that could be tipped were attached to tables, and this could have been the beginning of the mirror. 

However, there is no official account to date of why the mirrors came to be known as a vanity mirror. The English definition of vanity is the admiration of one's appearance. It makes sense to assume the name originated from the English definition since the mirror is used to admire one's appearance and beautify themselves.

However, it doesn't mean that those who spend time in front of the mirror putting on make-up are ugly or have low-esteem about their appearance. A mirror is essential for beauty routines. Everyone is beautiful, whether they choose to use make-up or not.

What size should a makeup mirror be over a vanity?

The most important thing to note when determining the size of a mirror with light frame is measuring your space. For a mirror, you should measure the vertical space you will place the mirror. Here is a step by step guide of how to do it.

·        Draw a rectangle on a graph paper for the wall's size where the mirror will be installed. Measure the entire length and height of the wall, floor to ceiling. However, use a scale on the graph paper.

·        Draw a second rectangle, representing the size and location of the mirror.

·        Create an elevation by drawing a rectangle on the wall, which depicts the makeup mirror's size and location. This step is important to help you visualize how the mirror will look before buying it.

·        On another graph paper, draw different types and shapes of the mirror and cut them out to see which style fits best. A mirror should never be larger than the vanity. Instead, it should be the same size as the vanity to give it a neat and uniform look. If you want your vanity above a sink, ensure the mirror is above the sink's level to avoid splashing water on it.

Factors that determine the type of makeup mirrors or wall mirror to choose

·       Location

There are three major types of the mirror; bathroom, bedroom, and portable. So what is the makeup mirror's intended use, and where do you want to place it? There are also free-standing mirrors and mirror sets table. The sets are a bit more expensive. It all comes down to personal preference. Every product has its own importance according to the room it's made for. So choose the one for your room which matches the location requirements or your dressing table needs.

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·       Light

There are led bulbs used on the makeup vanity mirror. They are either rechargeable, use batteries, or directly plugged into a power supply. Others use natural light.

·       Shape, size, colour

The wall mounted mirror comes in a variety of shapes such as; oval, round, and rectangle. Some have adjustable illumination and magnification. Colours can be customized according to personal choice. The placement area will determine the size.

·       Hollywood style

Every woman loves glamour and luxury. They look up to celebrities and Hollywood stars for style inspiration. If you can relate to this, a light mirror will make you feel glamorous, like a star, as you do your make-up.

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Different lighted makeup mirror settings

Have you ever found yourself walking around a department store and an item catches your eye such that you are transfixed on it? That's the amazing feeling you get every time you look at yourself in a lighted mirror. Now imagine having different settings according to the time of day.


The perfect setting for the morning when you are wearing make-up for the day. The setting offers a bright light. It's the same feeling as wearing your make-up under the sunlight.


The lighting is basic and appropriate for natural environments. It is the best feature for when you are on the go.


This setting is dim and creates a beautiful mood with warm light. It is perfect for when you are preparing for an evening date or a night out with friends. The setting allows you to apply make-up in different shades and intensities of your liking.

How much does it cost to build a vanity mirror or makeup mirror with lights?

There is no need to build a mirror because we sell them! We offer a range of mirrors, each separated by category to suit every customer's needs in Ireland. We have the best rating and offers in the market. We believe in delivering quality products and services for our customers.

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Different types of vanity mirror with lights we sell

Note that all our prices are inclusive of value-added tax (VAT). Visit our website, place your order, provide your delivery address, and check out. For our loyal customers, you may be lucky to get a shopping coupon.

1.       Curved top makeup mirror

It has straighter sides as compared to the most mirror. It can have one central mirror in shapein shape or three mirrors which come as a set. For the trio set, the largest mirror is in the middle. They are mostly used for dressing table. They can have metal or wood frames. You can also have wall mounted mirrors or mirrors hollywood. Yes, we offer a range of top-class wall mounted mirrors.

2.       Small make-up mirror

They are often round and have two magnifying mirrors on either side. When mounted on a wall, they leave a small extension to allow you to pull them out after use.

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