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Battery Powered Smart Video Doorbell

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Battery Powered Smart Video Doorbell

With burglaries and crimes happening all over the country, it’s never been a better time to boost your security system and protect your family as well as your assets. Installing a battery powered smart doorbell is another layer of security that just makes sense.  At Shamrock Electrical we have the latest battery powered smart doorbell that is ideal for any homeowner. 

High-definition camera

One of the advantages of this battery powered smart doorbell is that it comes with a high-definition camera. That means you can see clearly who is at your door in real time and choose to reply or ignore, depending on the situation. You will be able to check the live feed remotely anywhere in the world on your smartphone via an app on your phone. The quality of the image is amazing, and images are clear both at night and in day light hours. 

Wi-Fi connectivity

The reason why you have a live feed is because the battery powered smart doorbell has Wi-Fi support. You just have to mount it near the door and install the app, then you are good to go. The product doesn’t have complex wiring or anything like that, it is simple to get up and running. The advantage of Wi-Fi is that through the app you can receive a notification each time someone stands nearby or rings the bell.

Motion detection

The motion detection functionality allows the unit to detect movement around the unit even if somebody does not press the doorbell.  This will allow you to track anybody that may be hanging around or watching your home for activity. 

Two-way audio

If you want, you can even speak with the person at your door before opening. That allows you to speak to the caller and see what they are doing. It’s possible to even do this remotely, which is very helpful especially if you’re at work, or if you are a senior and don’t want to open the door to any random person.

The battery powered smart doorbell is an exceptional tool for anyone that wants to enhance their home security. It’s a very durable, reliable, and easy to use product that will help increase your home security for quite a small investment. We encourage you to give it a try, and you will be impressed with its value and quality!

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