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Elegant 360° Infrared Motion Sensor Light - Compact, Easy Install for Porches & Rooms

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IS 2360 White Surface PIR: Precision Meets Elegance in Infrared Detection

Introducing the IS 2360 ECO, a stylish and compact infrared surface-mounted sensor designed to blend seamlessly into any setting while offering unparalleled detection precision. Ideal for porches, small rooms, and any area requiring discreet yet effective motion sensing, this elegant device ensures your space is both secure and welcoming.

Elegant Design: With its sleek, white, and unobtrusive look, the IS 2360 is not just a motion detector but a subtle addition to your decor. Its compact size allows for installation in various settings without compromising on aesthetics.

Advanced Detection: Equipped with precision infrared sensor technology, the IS 2360 provides a 360° detection zone, reliably capturing movements up to 7 meters away. Ensure comprehensive coverage where it matters most.

Ideal for Small Spaces: Specifically designed for porches and small rooms, this sensor optimizes security and convenience without overwhelming the space. Enjoy peace of mind knowing every corner is covered.

Ease of Installation: The IS 2360 is engineered for simplicity, ensuring a hassle-free setup. Its surface-mounted design means you can easily install it on any ceiling, with minimal tools required.


  • Elegant and Compact Design: Perfectly complements your interior or exterior decor with its stylish and inconspicuous appearance.
  • Precision Infrared Technology: Offers accurate and reliable motion detection, ensuring no movement goes unnoticed.
  • 360° Detection Zone: Wide coverage area, ideal for monitoring porches, entrances, and small rooms efficiently.
  • 7 Meter Reach: Extensive detection range, providing ample coverage for most residential and commercial spaces.
  • Easy Installation: Quick and straightforward setup process, allowing for immediate use without the need for professional assistance.


  • Enhanced Security: Instantly detect any unauthorized presence or movement in specified areas, adding an extra layer of security to your home or business.
  • Energy Efficiency: Can be connected to lighting systems to only activate lights when movement is detected, reducing energy consumption and costs.
  • Convenience: Automatically activates lighting or alarms, providing convenience and safety during nighttime or when hands are full.
  • Peace of Mind: Offers reassurance that your property is being monitored, protecting your space and offering comfort to occupants.

Elevate your property's security and aesthetics with the IS 2360 White Surface PIR. Its elegant design, combined with cutting-edge detection technology, makes it an ideal choice for those seeking efficiency without compromising on style. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and elegance, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reliable motion detection.

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Elegant 360° Infrared Motion Sensor Light - Compact, Easy Install for Porches & Rooms
Elegant 360° Infrared Motion Sensor Light - Compact, Easy Install for Porches & Rooms

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